Lcd 16x2 or 20x4

Hello everyone I would like to install a 16x2 lcd on raspberry with volumio, can you suggest a guide so that I can make everything work perfectly, that is, I would like the display to show the time and title of the songs I also have a 20x4 I2C lcd
I accept guides also for this display, thank you in advance and have a good day

Your in for a world of pain :slight_smile:

This page helped me a lot - pydPiper Addon

Best advice I can give is once it starts installing walk away for an hour, sometimes it doesn’t appear to complete, but once cpu activity dropped to 1% on mine I manually closed the ssh connection and activated the addons in the addon section of the web gui

You will probably need to tweak the pages config file to get exactly what you want displayed

Also if you do a search there’s some recent posts on the subject (some are mine)

Good luck

HAHAHA world of pain! Love it, yes you are.
I got mine working to the point where It does enough for me, and I was using the 20x4 screen. so yes i concur follow the link and read through it but dont get too bogged down, good luck