Latest version 2.773 fixed everything!

Although very satisfied with Volumio Virtuoso, I had a few minor issues. Just updated to version 2.773 (6 May 2020) and my list has vanished!

Bluetooth playback for Pi 3B works perfectly now, no dropping out.
The new interface looks beautiful, but had annoying habit of returning to the first entry in Album/Artist view after clicking a link - Fixed now.
Other minor interface glitches seem to have disappeared.

I’ve been using Volumio for 2 years and I really appreciate how the system has been consistently improved. I now have Youtube, Spotify, Bluetooth, radio and of course my USB library all working seamlessly.

Thanks Volumio for your amazing system.

Simon from Amsterdam

I am really glad to hear that. This release packed a lot of fixes and I am glad they are ticking all your boxes.

PS: If I were you I’ll try to update to Superstar to check the Credits feature, its uber cool! … s-feature/

That’s a cool feature.

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Sorry, but how did you get “Youtube” sound via Volumio?

I followed this post by 007elixir. It’s been working ever since.

I upgraded yesterday to Superstar, but I can’t seem to get the credits feature to work. I tried deleting the cache, using another browser and rebooting the pi. Does it maybe take a while to process the change?

I’ve been looking at album view, artist view and generally following the video.

Mind that it might take a couple of seconds for credits to load

This is the most stable release in a while. Thanks @michelangelo for work on this

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No, still no luck.

Not sure what happened, but the credits just started working. Really nice feature.