Latest ISO Image volumio-2.873 is damage

I downloaded the latest version of volumio and try it to install, but when I try to open the image file, it pop ups with the error message, that the image file is damaged.
I have downloaded from different computer, also on Mac, Linux and Windows, but all the same error message.

Why do you want to open it? Just write it on a SD card and use it :wink:

yes, i try to install. But it didn’t work. So I thought, that i have made a mistake. No, thats not. Do you have try it? I downloaded the x86 version and made a bootable USB to install on a Intel NUC.

Use etcher or win32disk imager to flash the image to USB stick :wink:

If you try to open it, windows will report it as damaged but that’s ok: this is not a windows image file.

Thanks, i will try it with etcher or win32disk. Why it doesn’t work with unetbootbin? Also the same like etcher or win32disk.

It Works. I’ve installed with etcher!!! Thanks! I was thinking, I’m gonna mad :crazy_face: