Latest 2.344 features

I notice in the changelog for 2.344 reference to ‘DLNA/UPNP Browser’. Does this mean Volumio can now act as a DLNA/UPNP controller as well as renderer?

Apparently… but I cannot find anything in the UI related to that even though I have 2 media servers running…

Upgraded yesterday from the last version to 2.344.

Same here. I can’t find anything new in the settings? :unamused:

OK, I’ll try and revive this thread. Can somebody please explain what the ‘DLNA/UPNP Browser’ feature in release 2.344 is all about - see previous comments above.

In browse you should see a new item called “Media Servers”, click on it and you’ll be able to browse your DLNA servers.

If you don’t see it, it means that you’ve updated from a very old release (the fist release you ever installed).
Therefore to see it, you need to delete user data -> system -> delete user data

Let me know

Thankyou. I deleted the user data and I can now see the ‘Media Servers’.

I am using the latest version with Tinker board and wadia DAC, when play back flac and DSD files the sound become totally distorted.