Late hello from Copenhagen

As I never introduced myself properly, here goes! :smiley:

I am a studying to become an engineer in physics at a technical university. I’m almost done with my bachelor’s degree. My spare time interests are programming and electronics. I know matlab, python, soon C++ and basic web stuff. I enjoy looking into new stuff to understand how it works (building a digital clock from ‘scratch’ atm). Recently I looked into node.js as it seems to be a popular environment with many possibilities. At some point I hope I can contribute to volumio 2 in some way, maybe with a plugin.

Since childhood I guess my father influenced me with the value of sound quality. Being a student with limited means I love being able to have a great audio player at low cost. Currently I use volumio 1.55 in my kitchen on wifi to make it a little less boring to prepare meals and do the dishes :wink:


Welcome and really hope you’ll eventually have fun contributing!

Baba… are you joking… true?