Last step of my streamer project, but gpiorandom plugin not working

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:2.907
Hardware: pi4
DAC:Boss 2

Hi all,
I am finishing up my streamer project and I have added 3 hard buttons on my front panel. I have assigned two for web radios with the “GPIO Radio Buttons” plugin and they worked properly. I then assigned the third button for calling the random playlist with the " Gpio Random" plugin, but pressing the button gets no response at all.

I cannot use gpio3 as said in the example of the plugin, because my I2S dac card is occupying this pin, so I use gpio 26 instead. But I don’t quite understand the “pins with interrupt” as recommended in the plugin. Isn’t the interrupt of pins assignable and already assigned when Volumio boots up? So, is there a default gpio pinout list with such?

This is the last step of my project, and I hope somebody can help me with this plugin, thanks.

Looks like not too many people are using this Gpio Random plugin, so cannot get any help.
Too bad there is not much information on the github and volumio plugin list either. Still searching for a solution.

I did have this working a while back. I’ll set it up again and have a look. Busy for a few days though, sorry.

Thank you. Will wait for your help.

There isn’t a github link for that plugin, or you could have raised an issue there. Alternatively, you could try contacting the author.

The author has been most helpful to me in the past.

Hi chsims1 and Old_Duffer, thank you very much for you guys’ concern, I finally made it work! For newbies who’s going to use this plugin, pay special attention to setting the GPIO Edge! I stupidly used a falling edge, which is usually the case for RPI or Arduino, but actually it should be a rising edge for GPIO26, because Volumio when boots up has a default pin Hi Lo setting. Thank you guys!

Great! There’s nothing like the joy felt when things finally fall into place. I used to rely on GPIO buttons but was suddenly awoken by remote controls, far more flexible and well worth looking at.

Yes, I am using IR remote too, and that solved quite a bit of pin conflict issues.