scrobbling with Volumio 3

I am not sure if this belongs here under ‘Plugins’ or if this is rather a base functionality of Volumio. I have found some old threads about this, but could not find anything related to Volumio 3.

So I wonder how and if it is possible to scrobble with using Volumio 3.

I know that there is a 3rd party plugin on github:

However, I do not know how to use it and if it is compatible with Volumio 3.

Thank you

Hi, it seems there is no internal scrobbling option available in Volumio, at least I could not find it mentioned in the docs. But the plugin you have found on GitHub seems to work with version 3 as well, see this thread:

So it only needs to be added to the store, as far as I understand it. Manually installing it seems to be possible as well, see the linked thread on GitHub.

By the way, Spotify scrobbling might work without it, as enabling Spotify scrobbling in your connected apps is independent from your device, because it connects both accounts via their web API. Which could also mean that you get duplicate scrobbles then if you enable both methods.

Not sure if that would also work for Deezer, as I know it does not for Audirvana for example. Same goes for Tidal, I guess.

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Thank you, @hjbardenhagen.

So the question would be: What is the process in order to get a plugin added to the store? I am not sure me, as a 3rd party, can initiate this.

Regarding Spotify, I had the same idea of a solution, as they have changed from a client to a player only. But I am using Volumio mostly for my own music which is of much higher quality than Spotify can even offer.

As far as I have understood the plugin developer in the GitHub thread, he has submitted it for checking and releasing, so it is up to the Volumio staff, but they still have a lot of plugins getting checked.

So manually installing the plugin is probably the only thing you could do at the moment.

I see. I have done that and it works smoothly. Still, for the average user it would be better to be part of the interface.