large music libraries

My music collection is about 30000 songs, nicely stored on a NAS, in alphabetical order.
However it takes the poor little raspberryPi running Volumio2, almost two days to scan that collection.

In Volumio1 there was an option to re-scan a single subdirectory, however that option seems to be gone in Volumio2.
Is that option hidden somewhere?

As an alternative, is it possible to utilize a file generated by another instance of MPD?

Good point.
On my side it took, I guess, about an hour to scan approx. 32K files on an Odroid C2.
Also: if this means that when you’re connecting the same music library with multiple Volumio devices, you’ll have to do a rescan on each device after adding folder/files, my recommendation would be to put some kind of a config file on the server side. Just like Slim Devices did >10 years ago with their Squeezeboxes.

+1 with this feature…
Actually, I need to scan the whole collection when I add only one new song.
Please re-implement the option to re-scan a single subdirectory we had in Volumio 1.

Guys, when a new song is added, the DB will automatically add it…

So what you guys are actually looking for is a way to export your library index and import it on another volumio instance?

Perhaps I miss something…
Actually, when I add a folder with new songs on my NAS, under a folder already visible on Volumio, I have no way to see it , except re-scan all my NAS.

No, just re-scan a folder to have its new contents visible in Volumio whitout the need to re-scan the whole collection.

My collection is around 20K tracks. It takes the RPi3 approx 12 hours to scan the collection. Much better and quicker results using two or three 256GB USB sticks which are now affordable at £50 or Euros each.

I believe the following fairly simple change would make a significant difference to the browser page switching time :-
For large collections I don’t think it makes much sense to list all the Artists, Albums AND Tracks at the genre level. I think it would speed up access time a lot if the track listing was dropped at this level of the menu - keep the track listings for the Artist and Album levels of the browser.

Also when rescanning the library the artist/album/track times should reset to zero at the start of the rescan - currently it doesn’t. Resetting the counters would help you know that the rescan is happening. At the moment these numbers only update once the totals exceed their previous values.

Lastly, a minor point, I think it would be good to have “Playing…By…From…” at the top of the pages in a larger point setting of the font.

Thanks for an excellent, open ended and sourced player.

I won’t even attempt a scan of my music collection. There are well over 100k songs. It would probably just lock up. Would be nice if there was a way however I believe the hardware is part of the limitation.

We can and will improve the scan performances in software… It will just take some time but we’ll eventually do it…

I have a similar collection size. It’s running on a Raspberry Pi 4, with the music on a 1TB SSD, connected via USB. So far, it’s been running for more than 24 hours, and still no results.

I really wish they had some way of knowing if it’s “stuck” or whether, if I leave it long enough, it will eventually find and catalog all the files. I guess I will leave it another couple of days, and hope that it ends up well.

The ability to build the index files on a fast PC, then simply transfer these files to the target device (rpi, or whatever) would be a very welcome update from volumio. Guys?

Strange that some users are having such slow indexing experiences. My RPi4 is indexing 18,000 tracks in about 20 minutes, over wifi.

Same pi 4 with 1tb ssd. About to scan but am guessing since most of my files at WAV it will not scan. Hate trouble of converting to flacks. We will see

Could we add a ‘STOP SCAN’ button to the interface so that people with massive libraries like myself and others, can choose to stop things? The issue is the entire system becomes unresponsive, can not listen to music, can not do things like change pages or anything. You must only let it scan and it never starts from zero so you have no idea how far it is. On mine currently, the counter is still counting UP and it has been 4 hours now, I only added 20 albums. This should not be the case. So I would love a built in Stop command so I can just forget the whole thing and actually listen to something for a change.