Lan problems, al the whole trying to solve

Hello, i bought a RP3 with a hifiberry DAC card. i am trying it no for more than a week for install and using the program, when install it its works fine, sounds are very nice , but… when i restart Volumio its a inactive lan connection .

I think i place the image now for about 25 times and still the bug :frowning: i don’t no solution.
what have i done

First the complete installation , restart next day no connection
than the RP gives a ip nummer static and again later no connection
Than disable the wifi connection and also by restart no connection
Than disable the the hotspot and also by restart no connection
Than download a new image and again by (second) restart no connection.

i do not know it now anymore, so i think volmumio wil not work here, :cry: :cry: :cry:

so i try it now here at the forum, perhaps someone has the solution