Kodi Volumio? Can it be installed?

Hello. Generally, I can’t find specific information about KODI. The point is, is it possible to install Kodi on Volumio? If so, where to download the plugin? Thank you . raspberry 4b 4gb

There is no plugin for Kodi. To be honest there are special Kodi distro’s to make it run on low end hardware like the rpi, to make it work.

You can’t install the Kodi deb file as this is an application and Volumio doesn’t have a desktop.

you’re better off using dedicated distro for Kodi on RPI, like OSMC (osmc.tv) - I’ve run it for years and is rock solid - serving other duties like fileserver with no problems.

OSMC (Kodi) has a web interface, too which can be used like Volumio for playing music without turning on the TV. Unfortunately, its web interface is far slower than Volumio’s, but of course it also depends on the size of your collection and the speed of RPI

And all clear . thanks for the answers

We have been running kodi on volumio for a few years without any major issues, it was a plugin a while back but we havent upgraded to version 3 yet.

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