Kodi and Kali reclocker buffering issues

Hi everyone. I wasn’t too sure if this is the right place to post this question but here goes.

Has anyway experienced variable audio lag when using kodi to stream movies?

I get between 0.025s to 0.7s of audio lag when watching streaming videos. The lag doesn’t stay fixed at the 0.7s per the FIFO buffer on the Kali.

It’s driving me nuts when watching movies.

Would the allo boss also have the same issues?

Any help much appreciated.

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Hi Fai,
I think this issue is a combination of things: the Kali cannot stay in sync with the streaming and that’s why it does not stay delayed constantly at 0. seconds. Probably the streaming is dropping audio packets to stay in sync.
I really don’t know how to help you on this one… The best thing you can do is to try Kodi settings to get the most stable streaming possible…

The BOSS will not have this issue since its not a reclocker

Thanks. That makes a lot of sense as I suspected as much. Kodi is running on LAN cable so I’m really not certain why there would dropped packets.

I may have to move to the BOSS then to resolve this.

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