Khadas Tone 2 Pro not full MQA

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:2.882
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4B
DAC: Khadas Tone 2 Pro

I have Tidal Connect working well streaming to a Pi 4B connected to a Tone 2 Pro via USB. The Tone 2 Pro claims to be an MQA Decoder, so it should be able to fully unfold MQA. No matter which settings I try, I can’t get more than 48kHz / 24 bit (according to the onboard screen, and the LED indication on the Tone 2 Pro). I’ve tried setting the volume control to either “software” or “none”, and neither seems to pass any higher MQA through. What am I missing?

if you want mqa you need your volume at 100%
that is what i read on the forum…

Yes. I have the volume at 100%, and am capped at 48kHz / 24 bit. I’ve also set Volumio to fixed volume output, with the same results. I have confirmed that if I play high bitrate DSD files, the DAC receives them at the proper bitrate, so this definitely seems to be an issue with Volumio communicating with the Tone 2 Pro to properly send the MQA to the DAC for unfolding. I’ve also confirmed that when the Tone 2 Pro is plugged directly into a computer via USB, and Tidal is set to MQA passthrough, the Tone 2 Pro decodes the MQA files at the correct bitrate. So it seems that the issue is that Volumio isn’t sending the MQA files as a passthrough to the DAC.

Mqa option is set to on in volumio?

i would advice use a other image 2.882 has a lot of problems
there is already a newer version …

That’s the latest official release, right? Are newer beta releases stable?

they say it’s stable in a post… …
i’m running on 3.xx but i read that 2.904 is some where already.

You may also want to read this from the Khadas forum. Make sure you are playing Tidal with the highest possible sample rate set and select the right track versions.

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Alright, I’ve gone through several troubleshooting steps, and ended up somehow getting MQA working. I’m not sure which step did it. I tried the latest Buster beta, which had some issues, so I did a fresh install of the latest 2.882, and now when I set the mixer type to “none” I’m able to pass MQA through to the Tone 2 Pro, and it is showing the correct LEDs for the expected level of MQA unfolding. Now to convince them to enable hardware volume control…

Khadas’ response to that question earlier this year:

We will release dedicated firmware with dual volume support in the near future, you can upgrade it to enable the software volume.