Kernel parameters for x86 version


I have Volumio installed on Asrock B450/Athlon 200GE. Currently it’s booting from USB stick. I wanted to install it on connected nvme ssd drive.
Unfortunately while trying to do it from UI level fails, In dmesg I have error message that system is not able to resume nvme controller which is in C3 state. I found that passing kernel parameter acpiphp.disable=1 may help. So question is how I can do it? Tried to edit /boot/syslinux.cfg file but without any visible result (checked with sysctl command).
Is there a way to pass some additional parameters for the kernel?

just browse the dev section, you will find the latest dev image, which should support nvme.
Problem with the current x86 version is that it does not support newer pc hardware.
We’re working on it.

Thanks for the info.

For a start I have installed latest alpha from “Next X86” and with some problems (installer was complaining about broken partition table) it worked.

I’ll try to test also current release with newer kernel.