Kernel panic at boot after update

Hi all,

Not usually finding the time to post in here, and this is the first ever issue I have had

I am running an Rpi 3 with hifiBerry DAC+ and had the last (think I set it up in November) major image running without having updated. I recently did a full reset because I was doing some drastic changes to my system, like going from USB storage to network storage, and did the update just after the reset. Things were running fine, then not… the Web interface stopped responding, it wouldn’t play, then it wouldn’t respond, pings were 100% unresponsive … so I looked into things that said it had a memory issue that could be resolved via connecting a screen and keyboard, loaded up to a kernel panic at boot, it had stuck on the like 20th line (guestimating, i didn’t grab a picture) … at this point I just reinstalled the newest image onto the same MicroSD card and it’s working fine… but I would like to know how I could have saved this before it went to a kernel panic again…

Many changes have been made to Volumio since last November, and I think it was ‘just a change too far.’ There are a lot of different causes of kernel panic, and I really don’t think it is worth chasing down the particular cause in this case. A fresh installation is definitely your best course of action … and try to remember to occasionally update in the future :wink: