Kernel Panic after installation of I2C Battery Backup

Greetings, fellow Earthicans. I’ve a Raspberry Pi 3 that usually runs Volumio swimmingly. I recently picked up a battery backup system, the Lifepo4wered Pi 3, hoping to use the setup in my car for my commute. When I install the code for managing the battery system ( ) I get a kernel panic after rebooting.

The power supply isn’t the issue, as the same unit can supply power to the Pi 3 through the backup’s charging circuit. It’s only when the code for managing power is installed that the kernel panic occurs.

If it is of any help, I can say that the battery uses the first eight gpio pins on the Pi.

Thank you for any and all insights, and I’ll answer any questions to the best of my abilities.

I would ask the software developer to check why it triggers a kernel panic on this specific Volumio version…