Kef LS50 Wireless + Volumio


I have recently bought a set of Kef LS50 Wireless speakers, and I want to extend the possibilities of what I can play on them. They have a USB in port, so I am considering getting a pi with Volumio, for all my playback needs.

Which PI should I go for? (From what I can read, 4 is what’s up. Does ram matter?)
Is this setup functional? Are there any immediate problems or challenges that I should look out for?
In essence, the speakers themselves will be doing the work as a dac, but I could not see the speakers in the official compatibility list.

I am looking for a go-ahead in essence, making sure I’m not wasting money on a pi which either overshoots spec-wise or is not compatible with the setup.

I don’t know about compatibility but to be futureproof I would get at least a PI4 with 2gb ram

For whomever might stumble upon this in the future: plug and play. Ended up with a 4gb Pi 4 due to lack of 2gbs in my area.

Great to hear. How do you like such combination?

It works great for playback purposes. The issue with the LS50’s wireless system was a limit when it came to protocol: Spotify was all right, but podcasts, local files, radio, etc. were not working. Thus, this fills that need.

May I ask you how you control Kef from Volumio ? Which settings did you do ?