Keep RPi screen turned on when playing


First off, thank you for Volumio its great for my use case.

I am using Volumio v 2.413 with a RPi3 connected to my DAC (PS Audio Sprout)

I have hooked it up to the official 7 inch Rasperry Pi screen. I am mainly using this screen to display album art and song info. I had the the following questions -

  1. What can I do to keep the screen turned on and not go in to standby when there is music playing? I only want the screen to get turned off or go into standby, once the music is paused or stopped (default behavior)
  2. How can I change the size of the album art? All I need is, basic info Song, Artist, Album, Time and a large cover pic. The other info isn’t too important for me.

The above two changes would make my system perfect. I tried searching forums but there doesn’t seem to be a straight way to achieve the two, especially #1. Thanks :slight_smile:

Was #1 ever answered? I’m a noob and am trying to find the same solution…

  1. with the touch display plugin you can do that.
  2. and with contemporary_advanced plugin by 2acd you can alter a lot.

so yes it can be done.

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Got it, thanks!

the touch display you can find in the plugin’s

contemporary_advanced plugin