Kali reclocker problems

Hi there, it seems my Kali died, only a couple of weeks old. When I measure, one of the flip flop ICs (i think its a flip flop it says p79 so SN74LVC1G79) is shorted to the ground. Anybody else had bad experiences with the Kali?
Nothing bad without anything good, I created a warranty case with the vendor and lets see how it goes. Now the funny think is that with the DIYINHK ES9038Pro dac, the sound is better without the Kali. Maybe that my Kali was not that good to begin with?


And its repaired. It was the flip flop, a 25 cent component. Good as new and another one comes in just in case. Good service from the shop that wants to have the unit replaced but no need:)

I had a Kali that was DOA just as the Covid thing started and have not been able to get a replacement for it from ALLO. How have you been able to get another one on the way?

Can you please explain a bit more about the repair and maybe supply a photo? I would like to try and repair mine if possible

Well, i did not get a replacement, i bought another one at the pihut, it was the only shop still having stock.
Here is a pic of what I replaced:

there is one of those on each Kali output. They are (I suppose) to protect the ICs behind them and are quite cheap.

Thank you for the prompt rely and details.

How did the problem present itself, was there no sound or was the sound distorted. I ask this because my Kali plays music but it is badly distorted.

In my case the device shorted the supply to the ground so the Kali did not start at all. Once removed, it booted with lights on and everything but no sound. These can be shorted actually but I will not advice that. Once replaced everything worked fine.

How is it distorted? can you give an example? Probably you need to run with another driver for the dac, I have tried the ApplePi DAC driver with kits from DIYINHK, and worked both with ESS9038Pro, 9018KM2 and AK4495 DAs.

It’s been a while since I heard the noise but it was unusual it’s sounded a bit outer spacey if that makes any sense :slight_smile: