kali/piano - white noise


I have a bifg problem with new version of volumio - 2.389 :confused:

my hardware : raspberry Pie 3 b , allo kali + allo piano.

I heard white noise instead music :confused: it concerns only mp3 and radio.
Flac’s are playing normally, i have problem only with mp3 files and internet radio, i hear only the noise :confused:

On previously volumio version all was playing very well.

ok, i found solution but it’s not good for quality :confused:

When i turned audio resampling to 32 bit than mp3 and radio works, i think that the new volumio has a problem with 24 bit audio

I have the same problem and “solution”. Why do you say it’s not good for sound quality? I don’t know enough about this topic. It seems to me that changing from 24 to 32 bits would not introduce any bit errors.

I have the same problem.
Downgrade volumio is ok for me.
The dac without kali reclocker works perfectly with the new version.

I have the same problem with VERSION: 2.389. The Boss driver works 24/96 but you don’t get dual mono. I didn’t see this post when I posted.