Kaili to Reclock generic I2S source

I have a SMSL QA-550 sdhc card player that is hooked up to a AK4490 DAC through I2S connection with ground, BCLK, LRCLK, MCLK, and DATA channels. Can I use a Kali between these two devices to reduce jitter for this application?

Yes should work in theory.


That is encouraging. I have a downloaded the Kali Technical Manual document to identify the Kali I/O pins. There are a number of pins identified as ground at both input and output sides. Which actually need to be connected to my QA-550 I2S connector ground pin on the input side and which need to be connected to my dac I2S ground pin from the output side?

Again in theory…all ground should be shared…otherwise you cannot get any signal.

But I am not familiar with your player or your DAC