JustBoom Digiboard and kantu YU6 speakers


Total Newbie; I would have thought thaty by adding a JustBoom Digi Board to my Pi and then connecting via TOSLINK output on my powered speakers, I assumed that this would work. sadly no. What am I missing?

Well, I can tell you what we are missing :smile:

Details, like what is not working, Volumio version, plugins,…
If it is related to sound, provide the log.

As my crystal ball and tarrot cards couldn’t figure this one out.

well that’s very funny.

So I can play soundcloud and the radio from Volumio which is cool. just spotify is not working.

volumio 3
spotify connect2 3.0.8
logs sent

Do you have the link of teh log. Otherwise we can’t find them.
Please paste it here.

And nope, the Tarrots didn’t give me that the issue was with Spotify :smile:



I see a lot of errors after loading big playlists and ALSA errors on volume control.
If you just load 1 album does Spotify plugin still fail.

What are your settings in the playback options?

Nothing happens, if i play album or just a song from an album same for playlists. sometime it looks like its playing, as in the song timeline is moving and sometimes nothing happens. L:ike i said radio and soundcloud play fine.

Please change the Volume Options to:

  • If you control your volume by an external amplifier to none => save
  • If you want to control the volume by Volumio to Software => save.

And try again

Works now. Thanks

Enjoy your music!!

sounds great