Just upgraded and looking good - Airplay2 question

Just updated from V2 without anything crazy happening. I didn’t use any plugins so didn’t have problems at all.
I wasn’t sure if V3 support Airplay 2 now or not.
I tried to stream to it from my iPhone to my Apple TV and to Volumio but it won’t allow that, it only allows just the Volumio. Selecting AppleTV and Mac works fine.
It looks like Volumio is acting as an Airplay1 receiver rather than Airplay2 - that correct?

Works fine with my iPhone 13 mini running iOS 15.4.1:

You do have to crank up the volume on your iPhone or on VolumIO to hear the audio as Airplay automatically reduces the volume to reduce possibility of blasting your speakers. I prefer the former option as the volume on the iPhone corrects itself when you stop Airplay.


Could you please tell me how do you activate airplay on Volumio side ? When I select Volumio from my iPhone , I can hear nothing …


It works fine in Airplay 1 mode - thats not my question.
But its does not work in Airplay 2 mode, where you can send the audio to two destinations at the same time.
Airplay 2 destinations show up with a circle to one side so you can select more than one.
Volumio does not show up as an Airplay 2 destination when I try to stream from my iPhone to Volumio and my AppleTV. It only shows up as Airplay 1

@Lintbf make sure you have Shairport enabled, but as @HeadGeek mentions you may have to increase volume for it.
For me the airport 1 functionality is working as expected, pretty much that same as with the previous Volumio releases.
My question was for the Airplay 2 feature of being able to stream to Volumio as well as my other Airplay 2 destinations :slight_smile:

You can read more about Airplay 2 here: GitHub - mikebrady/shairport-sync at development

@Baldo : I’ve not had need to use AirPlay2 (yet) so please excuse my misunderstanding your question. I do not see the “circle” next to the destinations that you mention in your note, does this mean none of my devices are compatible with AIrPlay2 (MusicBox is the Volumio device)?
AirPlay Screen
The LG Smart TV is about four years old and the AppleTV is about ten years old (never updated as I don’t subscribe to AppleTV+ and have the app on the smart TV anyway).


Thank you @HeadGeek
Yes, I just borrowed an old Apple Airport Express to check what it looks like.
In this pic, Home Theater is an Apple TV HD and not selected, back porch is the airport express and Mac Mini is a Mac running Monterey. You can see that two are selected and have individual volume controls.
Selecting the Volumio just turns off the other destinations, which means its only using Airplay1
As Shairport has Airplay2 ability I was hoping that Volumio would enable that too, it would be better than going out and getting an Airport Express at least :smiley:

Considering that Airplay 2 Shairport-sync has been released. Is it possible to integrate that in the next Volumio release?