Just two stupid questions about play and moving

That is… I can´t get it working :blush:

When I play a song, after this one finish, the played, stops… how must I do to when the selected song it´s over, automatically start the next one??

And the other… I can´t scroll up and down the library with the touch screen. With the browser and my mouse or the mobile´s browser, it works, but with touchscreen, when I touch it, it just opens… isn´t possible to scroll with a touch screen (well, it is possible touching the scroll bar, but it´s too small)

I’m not sure whether I understand your issue, you might try to set the queue to repeat?

not to repeak…

When I navigate to artist-album-song and play, by example the second one, after the song it´s over, the player simply stops. There is any way to make the player go for the next one automatically?

I know I can choose to play the album from outside the album folder, but the option is at the right side of the screen, and is too small for touch screens.

Same for the scroll bar, it´s too small, not easy to drag it with a touch screen