Just finished my new streamer

I machined a custom aluminum case in my home shop to house my hardware. It’s a pretty basic setup using a Raspberry Pi 4 and a Allo DigiOne hat. Running the latest version of Volumio. Enjoy!!


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Looking sharp. (You live in a metal shop?)

Some advise.
Add a power and/or reset switch to avoid that you need to disconnect power when you shutdown the device.
Create a small hatch in the bottom so you can easily access the SD without opening the case.


Looks stunning!

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No I don’t live in a metal shop. I just meant my shop that I have at home on my property.

Lucky you, this is my shop:

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Very nice! I like the paint as well.

Curious about the USB pass-through are those threaded into the aluminum?

No they are not threaded into the aluminum. There is a thru clearance hole in the aluminum and a plastic nut holds them in place.