Just Airplay


As Volumio can’t stream to multiple Airplay devices, I now opted to get an Synology NAS and use that player to stream to multiple rooms.

But I still want to use my Pi and my new DAC to stream the music to my Amp in the main room.

Now I tried to use Shairplay-sync for this.
But the setup, building and configuration process is too complicated for me.

So now I want to go back to Volumio and use its build in Airplay functionality.

Now the question:
Can I use the Airplay functionality of Volumio without all the other bells and whistles. Especially the webinterface and server will not be needed for this purpose.

In other words, what is the easiest way to have a robust, reliable, easy to set-up Airplay enables Raspberry Pi.

Thank you already for your ideas!

Volumio already integrates shairport-sync. If you don’t need the UI, just don’t use it.

All you have to do is flash Volumio, connect it to your network and enjoy airplay :wink:

volumio.github.io/docs/User_Man … Guide.html

Yes, you are probably right.

I just thought that, as I will not use the webinterface, I can install something else alongside the Volumio package and utilize the webserver for that.

But probably you’d advice against installing other software on the volumio image, and use it dedicated for this purpose.