Jukebox project by Luis Leonardo

I don’t know if this is the best place to post this, if not please move it to the right category.

I started this project few months ago and I was using Runeaudio at time. It was a stable release and the only one that fully worked with the new Raspberry 3.
Over the time I found some difficulties as 99% of the Internet tutorials and forum posts are dedicated to Jessie, not Arch. Since sound was working and I was able to control Runeaudio with the buttons I stopped working on the project.

Some weeks ago Airplay stopped working, again! And before burning my “working image” on the SD I decided to spend some time search for updates/solutions. Soon I found out that Runeaudio community was still dead so I decided to try Volumio again. Now on build 2.0.

Everything worked as it should and to be honest I’m really loving it.
The alarm function is really great, I love the Plugins idea and since I’m on Jessie it won’t be a problem to finally drive the LCD.

Today I decided that my project should continue with Volumio. Since I’m again in the mood I’ll spend some free time to finally finishing it.

Now the project:

I bought an old non-working Jukebox Radio on the Dutch Craigslist (marktplaats.nl) for 85€ to create a “Digital Jukebox” inside and keep the outside as it is.

So, what I’ve done so far.
:heavy_check_mark: Remove all old electronics
:heavy_check_mark: Connected all buttons to Arduino (used the old ones connected with resistor arrays to save pins)
:heavy_check_mark: Replace the old pots with rotary encoders
:heavy_check_mark: Replace the LCD
✘ Remove scratches from the acrylic
✘ Clean it properly
✘ Replace button labelling
✘ Create a small acrylic back door to access all the electronics

On the software side:
:heavy_check_mark: Install and configure Volumio
:heavy_check_mark: Install and configure PlainAMP
:heavy_check_mark: Configure Adafruit Pro Trinket as keyboard
:heavy_check_mark: Player control buttons (five on the left)
:heavy_check_mark: Playlist/Radio buttons (five on the right)
:heavy_check_mark: Volume and mute encoder
✘ Bass encoder (there’s no command to change EQ on PlainAmp yet and I think they won’t release it!)
✘ Treble encoder (there’s no command to change EQ on PlainAmp yet and I think they won’t release it!)
✘ Menu Navigation encoder (waiting for the LCD)
✘ One encoder that I don’t know what to do with it
✘ Power button (since the Pi will be working 24/7 use this button for something)
✘ Lights (replace them with addressable led strip with spectrum analizer)
✘ Lights button (change between different led modes)
✘ LCD (still trying for a nice script working with Adafruit i2c backpack)
✘ Replace original speakers and tweeters (i really like the sound as it is so I think there’s no reason to change)

And now some pictures.


Back of the button resistor array and LCD:

The encoders and the resistor array for the middle buttons:

The first “Hello World”:

The LCD had to be trimmed to fit. Only one line of the circuit was interrupted (fixed with the purple wire).

Wow… this is very cool. Lots of compliments :slight_smile:

All my congratulations! Awesome project!!
Following this thread!