Joy with networking stability on V3

Just wanted to take a moment to thank the Volumio developers for the great V3 release. Sure, it has some problems, but my experience is that the software is updated constantly to get users their requirements.

But this post is a note about networking stability on V3. About midway in the V2 development cycle I started to have a problem whenever my ISP (Comcast) went down. Which is not very often, but when it did, Volumio would lock me out of SSH and the only option was a power cycle of my Raspberry Pi4. Note that I use only a wired eth0 connection with Volumio, and I turned off both Wireless and Hotspot networking. The thing was, Volumio was still running fine even though the wired networking was locked up.

I searched and searched the Forums to see if anyone else was having this problem. Finding nothing, I then wrote a bash shell script that pinged my network Gateway interface every ten minutes, and if it was unreachable, it would restart the Volumio networking using “sudo systemctl restart dhcpcd”. Worked great, and kept Volumio running and connected after the Internet connectivity was restored.

But the sweet victory is that I don’t have any problems with Volumio V3 when my network becomes unreachable. Bravo developers! I’m a happy camper, and I’ve now turned off the execution of the shell script.

Keep up the fantastic work!


Good to hear that your Volumio experience has improved by the transition to version 3. :smiley:

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