Jo from the Philippines

Hi All! I have been in pursuit of a stand-alone Music Server/Player for months and months now. Have tried a bunch, they worked, but there is always something wrong with them.

I’d say some are my fault, I am running these on multiple devices and getting them to sync and find remote apps for IOS and android or just a browser based type of control.

Volumio gives me all these! Just a couple of quibbles, not sure if this is Volumio or the magnificent, splendid, awe-inspiring IOS. The Volumio IOS app is slow as molasses and the bootup could probably be improved? Tried booting Volumio up with 3 different laptops, one better the the previous (better RAM and processor), and it seemed that there were no improvement at all? Not sure if I’m doing the tests right.

But sticking with Volumio. :slight_smile: