jlsounds I2soverUSB

Hi, my name is Danilo Colombo and this is my first post in this forum, so hi to all.
I’ve a jlsounds AK4490 dac fed by a jlsounds I2soverUSB board (XMOS). It seems that the Raspberry (Pi 3 B+ obviously with the last Volumio release), correctly identifies the board. In the settings I can see the correct name, some parameters that seems reasonable and the DSD capability. But when I try to play music, either from disk or web radio, I get a lot of noise and spikes with the music in background.
Has anyone experience with this device combination ?
Thanks to all.


I believe some users here have reported issues with DAC’s on the latest build of Volumio causing noise when the output is 24 bit, issue with the kernel or something. Try enabling the resampling feature in playback options and changing the bit depth to 16 or 32 bits.

Thanks, I’ll try.


Hi Danilo! Do you have solved your problem?