Jazz I: my Allo project

While researching for my Philips Tda1541A DAC I have tested many i2s dacs. The best dac quality price, in my opinion, Allo Piano 2.1 in dual mono with Allo Kali. In this assembly with Raspberry Pi 3, linear power supply and two experiments with which I am very happy: a LODO regulator for the kali and piano 2.1 and WBT connectors.
The box has been machined by the workshop of some friends and the result is very professional. As it is the first streamer / dac that we have just called Jazz I, the one of the experiments was Jazz 0. Philips will be Jazz 2 and there is a third one with Terraberry 2 that will be Jazz 3.

Jazz I is a dac for my friend Toni (aka Toyo14)

Here some photos.

Looks great :slight_smile: