jack couper with noise (for newbie)


i use volumio with rpi B and it works fine.
i try ti use a jack dual adaptater for use two speakers
but i have lots of noise with it
do you have a solution ?
a better coupler ? not with jack ?

i use a thing like installer.com/photos/ishare.jpg
there is a least 2 meters of jack cable (to have noise it is good !)

I don’t get it, why do you need this thing if you just want to use 2 speakers (I assume standard stereo setup). Unless you mean 2 pairs of speakers.
Do you also get noise without this splitter? Do you use RPi’s standard audio output jack? What kind of input do your speakers have?

Yes two pairs of speakers, (it s for multiroom)
I use the jack output of rpi
My speakers have female jack input
Whitout the splitter it s perfect
With the splitter and the cable but without the speaker so the cable in the air, i have also noise
So i think the cable makes antenna