It's possible to transfer audio files between my and external USB attached on a Volumio pc?

I’m thinking to quit Daphile (some boring problems) for Volumio and there is a Daphile feature that i have not find on Volumio 3 until now.
If i need to transfer files from my HDD (where i save files from many onlin.e stores) to an external one attached via USB to my miniPC where Volumio is installed. It’s possible, in a easy and drag and drop (idiot proof) way?
On Daphile was easy, via browser on PC: file manager tab on Daphile, Windows file manager, drag folder from windows to browser.
There’s something like this one on Daphile?
Thanks in advance

Volumio has default SAMBA shares, one of them is USB and that’s the USB drive with the music files.

In your Windows Explorer window enter \\volumio in the address bar, and you should see the share and be able to drag files to and from it.

You can also map a drive to it, I do this for backups to another external USB drive on my PC.
net use v: \\volumio\usb\music or whatever the path is to your music files

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Thanks a lot (hoping to have Samba on my Wondows 10), i’ll try it as soon as possible :slight_smile:
(the only way to sort file in Volumio is only ascending by name, right?)

You don’t need SAMBA on your windows PC, SAMBA is to allow Unix/Linux computers to present windows SMB shares for use by windows computers on the network.
SMB/CIFS is the native sharing mechanism for windows PCs.

Ok, thanks a lot :slight_smile: