Issues with volumio 2


I have upgraded today to the latest version, and while I am impressed with the new UI and improved Spotify functionality, I have a number of nasty issues. I added my music library from my NAS box, and that all scanned nicely, but if I navigate to an album or track, clicking Play or Queue etc has absolutely no effect, the track doesn’t get added to the queue and it certainly won’t play. Spotify tracks work perfectly well.

The other lesser annoyance is that I want to use a static address via wifi, and have set this up in the Network page. However my settings are completely ignored and it goes off and gets a dynamic address. It won’t pass the spouse test without it having a static address that I can bookmark on phones and tablets.

Any help gratefully received!


I should say this is version 0.979, running on a RPi 2, with a Pi Digi-Amp Plus.

A new version, which fixes all the above is about to be released (hope this Weekend or next week)

Wow! Really looking forward to this. Thanks for your great work !

OK, brilliant, I will keep an eye out for it :smiley: