Issues with volumio 2.201


Just switch from 1.55 to 2.201. I own an HifiBerry Digi+ plugged on RPI2. Music is store on my NAS. Up to yesterday no issues with 1.55, appart old UI :smiley:
These are some bugs I notice as of I’m in 2.201

  • While I navigate between pages - often but not each time - Volumio is freezing up to 10s sometime and then go on.
  • while album is playing, it stops. I need to select play button again and for this I need to wait volume unfreeze (refer to my previous point).
  • while no music is playing I hear a background sound (I have already open a post for this). this was not the case in 1.55.

Indeed, I have some questions

  • Am I alone to get this issues?
  • Is RPI 2 is “enough” to run volume 2.201

Best thanks


I am running v2.201 with the same configuration and I haven’t encoutered any of these problems.


Thanks for this feedback. But for now still issues.
Does anyone has an idea. Basically I though it should come from network but I did not change anything. So…I’m a bit lost :confused:

Help :smiley:


Something not right here, it will run fine on a RPi 2. I would suggest writing a new Volumio image, but make sure that you leave it a alone for a good 6-8 mins on first boot . If you have a different sd card available, then you might want to use that.

If you are still reproducibly getting the pauses then try system logging to see if that throws up any errors … run ‘sudo journalctl -f’ in a ssh session or with monitor & keyboard at the command line.