Issues with "Audio output" (USB)

I have some issues with USB audio output using Volumio. A short summary:

  • I have installed Volumio and tried 3.5 jack analog audio output from Pi (ALSA selected as output)
  • I have connected DAC based on CM6631A USB received, restarted Volumio and I can only see “ALSA” and “Nothing selected” in audio output menu
  • When I click “reboot” it restarts and I can see “Audio output” now and music comes out from connected USB DAC
  • When I power Pi off and power it on again I have the same issue as before - no sounds from USB DAC and I can only see “ALSA” and “Nothing selected”

Any idea what can be wrong and why I can’t see “Audio output” (USB) in menu after power on? (with USB DAC connected)
Is there any difference between power off / power and “reboot” sequence? As I mentioned before, when I click “reboot” in system menu the “Audio output” option is visible and it works while if I power it on I can’t see it and no sound from USB DAC.

Mmmm that’s interesting… Let’s try that:

power pi on with USB DAC inserted, go to output selection and hit ctrl+f5, now you should see your DAC. Select it and hit save .

This should work. If it doesn’t, that means there is some problem with the driver of your DAC, which for some reasons is recognized only after a reboot…
Let me know! :wink:

Hi michelangelo,

thanks for your help. I have tried ctrl+f5 but no change - I still see ALSA only.
However when I click “reboot” from system menu it automatically offers Audio output and start play sound over USB DAC.

I’m not sure what is the difference between power-on and reboot but I need to reboot it to make Audio output available in menu.
Any idea?

One more thing - I have also tried RuneAudio disstribution and here Audio output works immediatelly after power on. No reboot needed.
I’m not if this part of code is shared between Volumio and RuneAudio but maybe this information helps to find why it doesn’t work with Volumio.

I would appreciate any help

Just saw this thread. I had a similar problem on USB DAC which I posted here: how-i-can-turning-dac-on-off-without-rebooting-volumio-t692.html

I just tried your side of the scenario: by power cycling my Compulab Utilite when the USB DAC is switched ON. Volumio was able to recognize the DAC.

Look forward to a solution that would allow hot pluggable USB DAC.

This is maybe a good idea. But I use one power switch for both DAC and RPi so I can’t do the sequence first power on DAC and later on RPi.

What works for me is:

  1. power on RPi and DAC
  2. ALSA only is available at this moment
  3. click “reboot” in systém menu of Volumio
  4. Audio output (USB) is available

Question: Is there any way to automatically “reboot” Volumio/RPi after power on?

It only takes ~ 30 seconds to 1 minute and if it would be done automatically after power on I will see Audio ouput after power on with just ~ 30 seconds delay.

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