Issues searching and editing webradios , also garbling on AAC3 stations

When I attempt to play previously stored webradios held in favourites , I get garbling on AAC3 stations . This has only occurred since a recent update . Today I pushed the latest update through which made no change . MP3 stations are fine .

I could not locate the radio stations (Soma FM) by searching so I obtained the station URL for MP3 format . Is there any way of manually inputting station URLs into Volumio ?

DAC is a Piano 2.1 with Kali . I have upsampling /32 bit audio selected ,



Volumio web interface
Web Radio
Click the three dots menu to the right of My Web Radios
Add Web Radio
Input your station name
Input the stream URL

To edit one you’ve created, just go to it under My Web Radios
Click the three dot menu to the right of the station
Edit the details

Once you have them under My Web Radios you should be able to add them to your favourites too.