Issue with webradio


I am using the webradio in Volumio on RP3 with touch screen.

After a reboot i can open a stream from the webradio list, but if i change to another stream from the list, the display shows that it starts playing but no sound.

Try press Play again or clear queue then play.

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I have been trying several ways to operate the UI to avoid this issue.

I seems to be related to the webradio.

I can operate my NAS, but wheen starting webradio after streaming from my NAS, I can not start anything and my NAS has dissapered.

Link to log

Tried again with a fresh flash with newest Volumio version.

Same problem, this time i did not connect my NAS.

I found out that i was able to push Airplay to the unit even though no radio could be started.

Further testing…

Maybe i forgot to mention my setup:
-Pi touch display
-Kali reclocker
-Allo Piano

Now i tried installing without the plugin for the display.
Everything seems to be stable.

Any ideas ?