Issue with Volumio 3 / 5 GHz network

I used Volumio 2 with my 5 GHz Wifi without any issues.
After upgrading to Volumio 3 (fresh SD install),
Volumio can’t find my 5GHz network anymore that I’m using for app my devices.
I’ve set the country code to DE via SSH as this was suggested somewhere else but to no effect.

As of now I can’t use Volumio 3 despite upgrading to the new Premium tier as well.

Any suggestion what the issue might be and how to handle this apart from downgrading to the latest V2 build?

I’m using a Raspberry Pi 3 with the Hifiberry Dac+ Pro.

Just checking, which model Pi3 do you have? Only the later 3b+ supports 5GHz.

It’s working now, not sure what the issue was.

But now my Raspberry Pi does not show up in My Volumio as an enabled device…

Did you re-install?
Best you can do is use your entitled support for that.

I still have the same problem, can’t see my 5Ghz wifi after upgrading to Volumio 3 ?! I use Pi4.
BTW, anyone could guide me as to how to learn to use SSh? I don’t have a clue.

This might help:

Yes, thanks, I did went thru that section, but no idea how to use sudo, nano…where could I learn? I did try Putty app, didn’t go far, there are only bit & pieces of info online.

On a fresh install, Volumio doesn’t see my 5G network until I login first to the 2.4G network.

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I think that’s actually what happened to me as well.

After tons of research, I got it working:
1: Mount your sd card into a pc.
2: Open the /boot directory [There are actually 3 partitions!]
3: Create a text file and name it “wpa_supplicat.conf”
4: Paste the following into file:

ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev

(make sure you have the 2 letters “iso country code” for your country, in my case Canada, also correct your “5Ghz wifi ssid” and password!)
5: “Save” this file in your boot directory
6: Unmount the sd card first before taking it out (Very Important !!!)
7: insert into your Pi before you start it.
Now you should connected to your 5Ghz network after Volumio open.
Good luck.

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Ah, I added that to speed up my headless installs - didn’t realise it made it into the release. Probably should be have been documented better, sorry!

This is the thing that fixed it for you. :slight_smile:
Related GH issue

The only way I can get my 5G wifi network working on Volumio 3 is to login first to the 2.4G network. Once logged in, the 5G network will appear a few seconds later…