Is Volumio power safe?

Hey all,

I have now been looking quite a bit into Volumio and I think it fits my needs very well as a streamer for my DAC for Spotify connect, Tidal (hopefully also connect) and net-radio. I am however running a setup, where all mains power to external hifi devices are shut off based on my amplifyer’s 12V tigger, mening the power for the raspberry pi is also shut off.

I do find some contradictory statements in this comunity about Volumio’s capability of handling this. Mostly I find, that it (as so many other rpi images) cannot handle this, and the risk of corruption is big and different precautions should be taken. Others states that Volumio 2 runs entirely in RAM and thereby this is no problem?

Can someone clearify this, such that I can find the right setup? :slightly_smiling_face:

If it matters, I am going to run on a rpi 3 with usb dac and for now over wifi.

Thanks in advance.

Regards Jesper

Why not just leave the R Pi on 24/7?
That’s what I have done for nearly two years now, no issues.

I really like the fact that things shuts down automatically with my amp, :slight_smile: I just find it weird that it on this forum both stated that volumio only runs in RAM, but also that it is not power safe?

Just my experience… I use plenty of Volumio devices for years. Rpi2,3,4 Pine64, Primo (thinkerboard), Sparky, vim3l, C4… and the only way I use to power off them is to pull the plug from the wall (or a plug with a power switch)…
I never use the menu… And when I want to use them, just power on.

Thanks balbuze, and you have never had problems? Have you done anything speciel in your setup, or just standard installation on sd card?

Nothing particular. Some are used to Dev so may be flashed often… But Sparky or Allo Boss runs for at least 3 years, just with regular updates.

But some other users seems to met problem doing this…

But as I see it, a frequent flash should not solve the problem, as it is not a degrading problem which gets worse over time and thereby can be kept en check with flashing. It is a one-time corruption under a power loss which casuses the problems.

You statement about the two users, are they also pulling the plug, or was it a relation to the stabilty when running 24/7 without pulling the plug? :slight_smile:

I have had power failures, and occasionally pulled the power connector to get a reset, I’ve not encountered problems due to those things.