Is Volumio for me? Multi-room and overlay

Hi all,

First time Volumio user here :slight_smile: It was a super easy setup getting it running on an RPi 4. I have a few questions though which I hope someone might be able to help me with.

First of all, I’ve used Sonos before, so that’s the UI that I’ve been used to for multi-room audio. I’m not really sure how multi-room works in Volumio - there is nothing in the documentation about it. Before I install on more RPi’s I’d like to understand how it works. For example can I group rooms and have synced playback? Can I group just one or two rooms? Can I (and my wife) play different music in different rooms / groups?

Secondly, I’m going to be using the RPi’s for other things (temperature monitoring for example) and would like a way to be able to play a sound for a notification (e.g. a doorbell). Is there a way to pause playback, play the notification and resume playback (or just play the notification if there is no media playing at the time). Would that fall into plugin territory?


Hi Allan,

Davide from tech support

Thank you for reaching out!

Glad to reply to your questions

The Volumio Premium plan offers the multiroom feature, just like you say!

  • You can create multiple synced groups (rooms), each of one with different music source
  • You can have multiple accesses to Volumio, from different remote controllers simultaneously (up to 6, between smartphone or tablet via APP, or pc/mac via web browser).

Note: one Premium plan allows up to 6 Volumio devices working with pro features, including Multiroom

About your second question, once Volumio has been installed, RPI platform will be totally dedicated to Volumio OS, no other system can be installed on the same microSD card.

We have a growing Knowledge base, there you can find some useful FAQ, here as follow about Multiroom feature:
Multiroom Feature (

Hoping to have been helpful!
If you need further infos don’t hesitate to come back, raise a ticket HERE

I’ll be happy to give you some more explanations