Is Volumio a DNLA Renderer?

Hi all

I want to use Volumio (raspberry Pi 3) to play music streamed from Audirvana. I seem to remember, before I wanted to do this, that Audirvana could ‘see’ Volumio as a network player and I could select and use it. Now that I wish to do this regularly, the option seems to have gone from Audirvana. In order to test the network etc, I installed another DNLA-capable player on the Pi and found this worked fine, which suggests that the problem is not with Audirvana. What do I need to do to get this working with Volumio?

Many thanks for any assistance.

Surprised no-one seems to know.

Should I be able to see Volumio as a DNLA player and, if not, how to I get it to be so?


By default, Volumio will show itself as DLNA renderer on the network. No action required on your side to enable it.

Many thanks for that reply which confirms my memory that this did work at one time.

I think, therefore, I have a problem. My Volumio does not appear on the network (via Audirvana 3.5) as it once did, but another well-known DNLA player does. This would seem to obviate computer firewall issues and, indeed, switching the windows firewall off makes no difference. How might I test the Volumio instance to see if there is any reason for the absence of DNLA connectivity?

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

I managed to fix this issue and I’m posting in case anyone might benefit from the very simple solution.

I got to wondering whether the fact that both the wireless and wired networks had a working connection to Volumio might be causing some conflict. Unlikely, I thought, but let’s try. I disconnected the wired connection and restarted Volumio and it came back up as a visible DLNA renderer. I then reconnected the wired connection and restarted again and it was still there! Although I had previously restarted many times, I had not done so with the wired network disconnected. This seems to a have been what was needed. Perhaps it allowed some automatic internal re-configuration.

Thanks for the help!