Is Volumio 2 still revenant - when will it ever be ready?


Just a question - is Volumio 2 still revelant?

It is now almost 2 years since 1.55 were released and since then, only missed deadlines for Volumio 2.

Given the alternatives out there now, why should I wait?

Try the RC1 and you will find out if its revenant.
With projects that are entirely run by volunteers you could put up more patience.
But it is your call: use Volumio or something else.
I, personally, am very happy with the improvements in Volumio 2.

well, no need to wait, no need to troll around - you could use your valuable time to read up the relevant posts in this forum myb - just my 2c

Enjoy your time

Have a look at Githib

The project is very active and is being worked on constantly. This isn’t a ‘staffed’ project, everyone is a volunteer and the system is provided for free. Try and remember that 2 is a complete rewrite, not just a rehash and update of the system 1.55 is based on like many of the alternatives.

You don’t have to wait, you don’t have to stick around. Go and try the alternatives, there are plenty of them. Or stick around, try out RC1 and the future releases and give feedback, help the project and version 2 will be released soon enough.