Is this the easiest way to connect an analogue turntable?

Because I have a turntable that I still use and it is not possible to directly connect it to the amplifier used by Volumio, I was looking for a way to stream its audio to Volumio.

I found this trick on instructables, and this seems to be a possible solution for me.

Anyone else has a better way?

Another approach is this one : … queezebox/

I can confirm, it works perfectly. I now have a 45-year-old Lenco streaming to Volumio

This is so great!


This is a very interesting solution. I will definitely try this with my turntable as I struggle with this also.

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We’ve just launched a Kickstarter which is a phono preamplifier (and pro. soundcard).
You can use this to input audio directly to the Pi.

I currently use a Scarlett2i2 (3rd gen) ADC/DAC as a DAC output via USB. The Scarlett has the advantage that one can use the balanced output to directly drive a class D poweramp, in my case a DIY amp with Pascal S-Pro2 module (2x250W on 8 Ohm). The beauty of the Scarlett is that it’s ADC input is recognised by Volumio and I can connect the output of my phono preamp (Cambridge Duo MM/MC) to it. This way I have a minimal system consisting of record player (Rega P3) phono preamp, Scarlett interface and Raspberry Pi4 on which I am not only able to enjoy audio in digital format, be it Qobuz, flac files, web radio or even from CD (simple external CD/DVD burner connected via USB) but also from my extensive vinyl collection. The icing on thee cake would be a plugin allowing to ‘rip’ the analog input, similar to what Volumio already allows for CD playback.

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I do not understand how you can input a phono to the scarlett? I see only output connections, on my scarleet I have a guitar input. I want to connect my bluray player to volumio to play cd’s.

It works but only one channel no stereo. I have a scarlett solo

The Input appears in the web menu as ‘Scarlett 2i2 USB’ but you need the paid version with a subscription, the ‘Premium’ plan.

forgot to add that I have the Scarlett with 2 (2i2) inputs and use them as left and right channel respectively.

Hi Cerx,

I did the same as you with the Tascam 1x2HR.
It also works very well. Anyway the stream frequency/bit rate displayed on Volumio play screen is not the one advertised for the Tascam (Volumio display 48/32 whereas Tascam capability is 192/24).

Is it the same for the Scarlett?