is this combination ok?

Hello. Dont judge me for stupid question, im new with allo products :slight_smile: Im planning to listen music from external HDD via Volumio. So i combinated this setup: Sparky SBC + Kali + piano 2.1 + Wifi dongle. Is this setup ok? Or i need something else?

Good combination, you just need a 5V power supply that will provide at least 2.5 amps.

Do i need two PSU? For sparky and piano? Somewhere i read that linear PSU makes big impact in sound quality. Is this true?
Sorry for english :confused:

I’m using pi+ same combination as you. In my case only one PSU, pi gets power from Kali/Piano. I use the PSU supplied by Allo and very satisfied with the sound using “dual mono” mode.
Have not experimented with better PSU, might deliver even better sound.

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WABE thanks for your answer.

Maybe somenone knows Rpi or Sparky is better in sound quality for kali + piano combination?