Is this 5'' 800x480 TFT Raspberry Pi DSI Touchscreen compatible with the official touchplugin?

Thanks alot for your quick helping. I did try with 3.3.2 and still face with issue with completely format SD card and start from beginning.

Then finally found the issue from the card. I just start from fresh with another card and work smoothly with 3.3.1

It is really strange without any clue because Volumio run quite smooth the old card.

Thanks alot for your trial and share the screen. It made me trust more on the plugin and try with something else… Finally it settled down by new card only.

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Glad it works now with another SD card.

I don’t know what you formatted the sd card with, but you could try sdformatter.

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I used Disk Management from Win for both of them :). I guess there is some bad sector on my old SD.

another project Philips differential TDA 1543 nos dac with custom output transformers. this also includes a 4.3 inch touchscreen.

10 opblaasbare sneeuwmannen? that is a very special dac…

Ha ja…Die werkt alleen als ie ijs en ijskoud is :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

so we learn something new every day. Even Jägermeister entered the DAC market. (alleen als ie ijs en ijskoud is.)

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just built in the 4.3 inch touchscreen.

just finished, I chose an aluminum front and back plate instead of wood.

finally have the correct power supply positive/negative voltage and a nice shielded block transformer for the raspberry.
sounds wonderful now.

I miss the Jägermeister logo?

hahaha, the Jägermeister bottle is now empty.
we are now switching to a high-end bottle of Heineken :laughing:

Heineken en High-end???
Heineken is the “SILVERCREST” under beer, Bikse Blonde rules… :rofl:

Now you’ve done it, you lost my support by mentioning Heineken, that is not a beer but a “Gesöff”.

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The silvercrest under the beer :beer: :joy::joy::joy:


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beautiful old ess es9018 dac including cabinet for little money.
took the khadas and touchscreen out of that Woody cabinet and built it in here.
nice all in one, music via khadas/volumio and the ess es9018 dac for tv/mac and pc.

i2s raspberry pi via volumio and the ess es9018 also works fine.