Is there any way to access Volumio from outside the LAN?


Been a Volumio user for a while on RasPI 3 (hardwired connection). It works beautifully. Lately I have to be travelling a lot for work. So I was wondering if there is anyway to access Volumio when I am not connected to the home Network? I tried looking in help but could not find any instructions. I also have PLEX and that seems to work quite well from outside. I could add my music to Plex and use it that way. However, all my playlists are in Volumio. So if I could just use it then that would be the best. Otherwise Plex will be my fall back plan.



I was wondering if you intend to play your music from your Volumio device to another device (laptop?) outside the network?

As a workaround: the playlists can be copied off of the Volumio device. A Volumio user made a script to export Volumio playlists into .m3u format: (he also provides the inverse direction in a different repo). You can then play the listed music files (which you then would need to carry along, say on a USB drive that you connect to the laptop).

You could also try to import the converted Volumio playlists into Plex, but this will again depend on how the music is actually stored.
Maybe you can do it using



PS: Longer term plan could be to use another format, e.g. Any ideas?

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We are preparing this feature since a long time… It will be part of a new awesome addition to Volumio… Just wait a while and we’ll disclose more infos…

Looks like very promissing indeed !

Thankyou. That would be amazing. Believe me folks will appreciate that a lot. Will look forward to your announcements. Thanks again.

Yes, and believe me… We’ve been working on this behind the curtains for a lot of time… It’s part of a major feature upgrade of Volumio.
I hope I will have some time in the coming days to write a detailed post about it…

Teaser… It will be called MyVolumio :wink:

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Dunno if the biggest teaser is MyVolumio itself or the fact that it will only be “part of a major feature upgrade of Volumio”.


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Is there any news about this update? That’s actually one thing i am waiting for ages, and it would be so great to have that option.

Myvolumio beta is available for several weeks. You can read about it and test:

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Thanks for replying, but i was expecting some update in Volumio, that can make it easier for users to make a connection to Volumio outside of the network, not something like a monthly subscription.

Thanks anyway.

You can try this :

This link took a dump.