Is the volumio spotify connect plugin illegal?

Hello, I use Volumio2 running on a raspberry pi. I installed the volumio spotify connect plugin directly from the plugins section. I understand that vollibrespot comes automatically if you install the plugin. Recently I fell over this disclaimer on saying, “Using this code to connect to Spotify’s API is probably forbidden by them”. Can someone please clearify that?


Volibrespot is a custom version of librespot.
Librespot is a open source library that ’ emulate’ an official Spotify connect client. It is obtained by reverse engineering. It is not supported by Spotify, and may one day shutdown by them. This is the meaning of the warning.
But it does not provide illegal access to Spotify music as you Must have a premium account to able to use it. In any case, it doesn’t allow a non registered Spotify user to use it :wink: