Is the Apple usb superdrive compatible with MyVolumio?

Does anyone know if the Apple Usb Superdrive is compatible with MyVolumio?
I’m thinking of buying one to play and rip CDs and wondering if anyone has had any (good or bad) experience with it.


I think you will have problems, I have an external with just one USB cable and couldn’t get it to work, there’s not enough power. You’ll need maybe a USB powered hub. Or better yet, a powered DVD drive.

I’m using the old Xbox 360 HDDVD drive, I had lying around, and works flawlessly, already ripped about 40 Cd’s.

Hey Pablo, thanks for the heads up.
I should have mentioned that I tried using my external cd drive (a cheap LG drive) with it and it only worked when I plugged it into a powered usb hub. I’m still wondering about compatibility issues with Volumio.

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I got the apple SuperDrive and it works perfectly with Volumio.


Hi, picked up an old conversation…how do you get mac superdrive to work with Volumio?