Is Sound BlasterX G1 USB Sound Card a good choice for Volumio with Pi3 B+?


So I have just begin to assemble a “somewhat” budget, but still good compact music player. I have a Pi3 B+ for the base and intend to use it with Volumio, with a pair of active stereo speakers connected to it. So now, I’m looking for a good, but still budget USB soundcard, that is fine for this combination. My first choice would be the Sound BlasterX G1 USB sound card. Is any one here, who have experience that if this sound card is “compatible” with this combination and is totally issue free? I’m asking if its works fine with Volumio and if It’s volume could be controlled fine with the hardware method? (As I have read some complains elsewhere, pointing that some USB DACs/Sound cards volume can not be controlled by Volumio, or just by switching (thus reducing) the mode to the software method).

I hope someone could answer to these, and thank you!

Most recent USB DACs support hardware Volume control. I have a Topping D10B and a Khadas Tone Board. When I plug them in to a Rpi, Volumio recognizes that there is a “Hardware Mixer” associated with the DAC.

Thanks, but I guess this didn’t get me much closer to clarify my specific questions. Your both DAC’s are much different and higher-level ones, than the one I’ve asked for, so it may not be so relevant regarding comparison. And I have searched the net for if the Sound BlasterX G1 has “hardware volume control”, but didn’t get any relevant results, but anyway, if it would be reported to work with like Windows, or some Linux distros, it would be still unclear if it would also work with Volumio.

So the starter question is still up and waiting for more closer replies.