Is Raspberry Pi DAC Pro (formerly IQAudio DAC Pro) I2S DAC supported by Volumio?

Hello! I’m asking if this particular DAC (formerly branded as IQAudio DAC Pro) is being supported by Volumio? I have checked the I2S DAC list on the Volumio’s GUI in the Playback settings and I have only found an option for IQAudio DAC + and not for the DAC Pro. So it makes me unsure and confused regarding if this DAC Pro version is being supported yet…???

I have already bought the DAC, but still waiting for the suitable case box to be ready, so till I wait I would like to be sure if this DAC HAT is supported and if it is, than what option should I select for it in the Volumio’s I2S DAC’s menu to get it working properly?

Thank you for the replies!

This is the documentation of IQAudio products

in this document it is specified that the entry in config.txt is the same for IQAudio DAC+ and IQAudio DAC Pro

Conclusion: if you select the IQAudio DAC+ entry in the Volumio selection list, it will apply the proper settings for IQAudio DAC Pro too

Thanks, and yes, I have been also found this sheet in a YT video before, but still was unsure regarding Volumio. I have also searched through this forum for the proper setting, but the only ones I could find suggested to select the DigAMP+ option…??? I’m still wondering why… BTW, I hope this new version of the DAC HAT will also be properly identified and could be used with the IQAudio DAC + setting, as in this “rebranding” paper they don’t mention any mechanical or electronical differences between the new Raspberry Pi DAC Pro and the older IQAudio DAC Pro versions. The only thing appear disquieting in the paper, is that they state that this version is only supported from the 2022 november Linux Kerner version. Could that be any cause of trouble here?

official hardware from Raspberry Pi looks a copy/paste from IQ design, they only changed the PCB color and some silkscreen text.

we do not have such a new kernel on Volumio, maybe it’s required on RaspiOS for automatic detection with the embedded eeprom. Anyhow, if IQAudio DAC+ was working on Volumio3 with the proper string in config.txt, the Raspberry Pi DAC Pro should work as well, we do not rely on automatic detection.

the dt-overlay for DIGI Amp+ is the same of DAC+ and DAC Pro, with a few additional options. I would stick to the DAC+ entry.

Please let us know if it works on your side, when you receive all the material.



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Hello, so I have received the case Box and was able to assemble all of the parts together.
It works now perfectly with the IQAudio DAC + option, tho’ I still didn’t tested the 3.5mm headphone amped out, only the line-out RCA ports.

The only issue I have faced with so far is the after like one week of operation, at today morning the Volumio Box disappeared from the Wi-Fi network. I never experienced this issue before, tho’ I had the RPi+Volumio (without the DAC HAT) working since like one year. So it’s the first time it happened. But the Volumio system was still operational, cause I could control it with my USB radio remote “directly”, so playing back music from the attached USB pendrive’s Playists was still working. I had to plug out and back in the adapter to reboot the device, and since the Wi-Fi is OK again. But it’s still bothering me, what could have cause the issue. The CPU is only 56C° even during playback, and I guess the new case is also well ventilated (full passive, but it has a couple of vent holes on it’s sides), but who could know… I just hope I will not face this issue again…